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How to measure the quality of wireless headset

It is difficult for ordinary consumers to objectively evaluate the quality of wireless headphones when they purchase wireless headphones. According to the experience of experts, the quality of computer wireless headset can be measured from the following aspects.

1、 Observe the workmanship of the headset

First of all, we should be good at workmanship. The earphone is not big, but it is difficult to make it. Without a good mold, you can't make it. A good mold often costs a lot to make. In addition, with sufficient guarantee in workmanship, the service life of TV wireless headset will be extended, and it will not be damaged due to unintentional collision.

Good computer wireless headphones should be well designed, and the cost of design is very high, which can not be denied. The design will be good, but the after-sales service will be the same. For users, in line with human engineering mechanical design, full cover headband structure, head beam radian is moderate, let you take more comfortable! Should not cause hearing fatigue. In addition, the excellent design of the headset unit will also prolong the life of the headset.

2、 Observation of earphone materials

Materials to ensure that, as the headphones directly contact with the human body, so the first thing to ensure that the earphone material is harmless to the human body. Otherwise, the earphones that damage human health can't be counted as good earphones in any case. In addition, under the premise of ensuring the premise, the service life of the headset should also be considered. Now many enterprises have adopted bulletproof wire material, which has played a good protective role on some pulling. Finally, the use of wire will reduce the loss in the process of signal transmission, which is conducive to the improvement of sound quality.

3、 Listening to the sound quality of headphones

As a kind of listening equipment, the minimum requirement of the wireless headset is to be resistant to hearing. The products that are not resistant to hearing will cause the hearing loss of adults. The typical features are insufficient sound density, dryness and hollowness. High frequency is too bright, harsh, burr, tooth sound control is not good, low frequency is large, hypertrophy. This is to rely on their own feelings!




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