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K3 Premium Sound Wireless

  • K3 Premium Sound Wireless
K3 Premium Sound Wireless

Confortable  with ergonomically designed earbuds come with ear tips that provide a secure and confortable fit the ear

Touch control

One key pairing,confortable and fast to connect with your device  when taking the earbuds out from the battery case. Working distance: Over 10meter (360 degree test) Instant pairing.

Voice Assistant support Siri Each earbud support up to 4 hours playtime and the case provides 30+hours extra working time+ or 150h standby time 

Dual connection,L/R free switching 

IPX5 Sweat proof and water-resistant 

Sound: Use the 6mm Graphene dynamic driver to create a high-level listening experiences 

Small size with 5.0g super light weight

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