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Bluetooth version:bluetooth 5.0Technology. BK5.0
water resistant:IPX4
Speaker size:10.0mm( dynamic)
Impedance: 32Ω+/-15%
Sensitivity: 100dB±3dB
Battery capacity: 110mA
Battery life: hours:18hours
Playback time:10hours
charging mode:Type-c
• COMFORTABLE AND ELEGANT DESIGN:These ergonomically designed earbuds come with ear tips that provide a secure and comfortable fit,no matter the shape of your ear, with interchangeable tips and fins.
•button control
•easy to pairing,comfortable and fast to connect with your device
working distance: over 10m(360 degree test )instant pairing.
•passive noise-cancellation
•each earbud supports up to 10 hours playtime you can enjoy the Headphone all day long .
• Sweat all you want, push yourself in the rain, and get muddy. This model run running headphones are Sweat-proof and water-resistant
• SOUND : use the 10mm dynamic dirver to create a high-level listening experience.


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